Flying crows always catch something

flying-crow_59044One of my former bosses ones stated that flying crows always catch something. Probably a horrible translation from a Dutch description. His statement was about sales people, that they always should walk around at their customer’s site, to hear what is happening, to find out where the potential issues of the customer are. Once you are there, you will always find somethings where your product or service can make impact.

The same goes for innoversion. Ideas don’t happen by pure luck or divine insight, they are coming from inspiration. And what better way to be inspired by hearing what your customer is complaining about, why they are not able to get the best performance out of their operation. Each sign you receive is a potential area for innovation and creating impact.

Start your Innoversion journey by five simple steps:

1. Plan visits to your customer and arrange that you can wander around, speak freely and receive tons of information

2. Buy a small book (or use an app on your mobile device) and write down all complaints, sighs and frustration that you hear

3. Plan time in your agenda to brainstorm (alone or in a team) on all the single items you have written down

4. Brainstorm and make connections between the single items. Identify if there are interlinks, if you can create interlinks

5. From the interlinks, identify how your company can help solve the interlinks or turn them into profit making ideas

Sounds simple doesn’t it. Well, be honest and ask yourself how many great insights you have written down from your customers in the last 6 months 😉

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