Create intersections to improve impact

intersectionIntersections are erea’s where different disciplines come together and new innovative thoughts emerge. The Medici Effect is a book which demonstrates how to create intersections and how real life examples have proven to be successfull. What many people forget is that you can also create intersections to improve the implementation of your already defined Innovation.

What about an intersection where a marketing agency meets the sales office of a service company. Marketing agencies have professionalised the art of story telling. Can you imagine going to present your proposal not by “Death by Powerpoint”, but with a surprising, entertaining and right to the core addressing intervention at your customer.

Or what about orchestrating an intersection between a team of one of the largest construction companies in your country and your proposal office. Can you imagine what you can learn from a company building bridges, tunnels even cities and see what you can leverage to improve your proposal or project skills.

Fun thing is that the human is proud of what he/she accomplishes. We are eager to share information and distribute our knowledge. Particularly if we are not affraid to deal with a competitor. However, we are also to modest or stubborn to admit that we can learn from each other and lack creativity to identify best practices in other industries.

Tom Peters rightfully pointed out that if you measure towards the benchmark and make your plans to become even, you will always be outdated since the companies in the benchmark will continous improve itself.

If you want to make a difference, create a new benchmark by yourself. Create a culture in your company to share your learning with others and where people take pride in asking other industries how they make a difference in the market place.

You will be surprised about the level of collaboration you will encouter.

Frank Wammes

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