Your idea in the cloud

iu-6Are you also a person that has a hig level of associative thinking. If so, you also know how to get inspiration out of each book you read, each movie you see, or each business proposition you encounter.

Same happens to me. I get ideas all the time and want to work on all these ideas, but during the day all these ideas get lost in the moment.

How can you change this. A great mentor of mine mentioned a view very crucial things. First, analyse what you have seen or read and capture it in one sentence. By deducting it to one sentence you need to get to the core of the idea.

Second, capture that sentence in a book or other tool. What helps me is the Evernote application. Capturing sentences, but also underlying documents belonging to those essential sentences. Throug my desktop, phone or iPad.

Third, plan time to read through your sentences and see if there are potential interactions you can create. remember that time planned with yourself is the most essential item in your agenda.

Innovation is not something that happens, innovation equals discipline times creativity !!

Frank Wammes

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