Change things

iu-5Recently got inspired by a quote from the founder of Tesla motors. Not a new quote, people have built great companies out of the principle, but we always seem to forget how to incorporate into our own daily work. If you enter into an existing market as a new player, don’t copy the old mistakes your competitors made. Learn from it and use the failures of others to innovate your service.

Most of the time this doesn’t relate to the physical product, but much more to the service or the logistics. Or like an ad campaign in the Netherlands state, service is not a department, it’s a way of doing business.

Challenge yourself to think about your company, your product or even your own department. What if you can re-start your department from scratch, what would you do to change business. Which failures will you prevent.

It sounds like a crazy thought, but it isn’t. Big companies have emerged because their leaders took the time to meditate, rethink and go beyond the boundries of current state.

Can you !!!, Take the challenge

Frank Wammes

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