Will patience become gold !!

goldJust reading an article in the Business Week on the hype, or better said de-hype of Facebook. A lot of criticism on the IPO process, but in particular on the drop of the value. Today, the employees can use the right to execute their part of the shares, which in its anticipation already led to another drop of the shareprice.

But there was a remarkable statement where the article refers to the bubble burst beginning of 2001 on the internet hype took place. And that is exactly why my believe on Facebook is. The hype was not a hype. The internet became the medium by which all of what we are doing today has become possible. There would not be mobile when we wouldn’t have internet services. There would not be Cloud, there would not be social media, there would not be BPM, etc.

The internet hype caused a lot of investments which created a spur in getting the infrastructure right. The infrastructure which connected the world, which made the Spring revolution in the middle east possible.

That’s what Facebook will deliver. The money generated out of the IPO will be used to work further on the platform. The platform which will enable more parties to join and create applications, services etc on the Facebook platform. Keep in mind that Facebook is no longer “just” the social platform, but an internet hub on it’s own, to which most of large cooperations have trusted their branding and customer interaction to.

I trust in the platform and as with the internet bubble, know that this will not be a bubble. Give it a few years and let’s see how Facebook will act as foundation for our interaction in live.

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