Singularity or Doomsday

singularityPast weeks I have been reading some books which should have been read already for a long time ;(. The first one is “The Singularity is Near” from Ray Kurzweil, the other one is “Who owns the Future” by Jaron Lanier. Both addressing the same topic, the accelerating penetration from technology into our society, bot both with a complete different perspective. Ray addresses it from a very optimistic perspective, with a drive to reach divinity within 30 years. Jaron takes a more pessimistic approach, although giving guidelines on how to get more predictability of the outcome of the future.

Since it will be the future, it is hard to predict who will be right. The evidence delivered by Ray is strong, but I have to agree with Jaron who states that if we don’t get the valuation of our data right, there will be mass unemployment which will result in chaos and disorder. And has he stated, the outcome of chaos and disorder is always unlikely.

However, my own approach is always to take the optimistic side, but with the precautions mentioned by Jaron (and as well by Ray at the end of his book). Beside the great work Ray is doing on his own websites to provide material to support his theory, I decided to also start some dedication on providing examples on the progression of both theories. Will add an extra page where you can find different examples, which you most of the time also will find in my tweets.

Hope you will enjoy this journey and please engage if you have idea’s or other feedback you want to share.


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