When you tell the truth, you don’t have the remember anything !

draft_lens19153071module157156696photo_1330015744_______a___ATwo days ago I had a great experience, when I came home and my wife was entertaining a long time friend with whom she did some great travelling in her university years. Indeed to all the youngsters who are reading this, long time ago you could still take some more years for you study and had some more time to do other stuff.

But back to me coming home. I greeted the lady who I met once 6 years ago and apparently they talked about authenticity. My wife gave me the biggest compliment by presenting me as an example. Honoured of course and it’s up to other to judge on it. But it brought me to another discussion we had with some great people from Intel who visited our company this week. We had some great discussions and met them right after I had a meeting with some other great people who helped me our in building a new calculation model I needed to calculate prices of new products.

It was so cool and we were able to make so much progress, that we ended up full of life and energy in the meeting with the folks of Intel. The lively conversations led to the question whether we were always so optimistic and positive within our company. We looked into each others eyes and could not come to another conclusion that it was the case.

The remark kept nagging in my mind, wondering whether with my age (just turned 41 last week) I should perhaps have been more business like, or show a more serious face. But came to the conclusion that it doesn’t make sense to present yourself in a different way then you actually feel. Presenting yourself in a different way is hard work, and probably will drive you away from the real purpose why you are walking around on this earth.

A great colleague, Arne van Eindhoven, sent me a great movie from a Belgium author on Youtube and presented the quote “when you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything”. I would like to rephrase it and make it “if you act according you inner energy, you can truly be yourself (and be accepted in the meantime”.

So stay true to your inner self and let the positive energy flow !

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