The CTO Perspective – Innovation Labs

Today’s episode is all about innovation. Recorded in the Innovation Lab in Utrecht, I had the privilege of interviewing Henk Vermeulen. Henk is a legend in the Netherlands, known for his energy, drive and relentless push on innovation.

But it was not always innovation, he used to work in the more traditional field of Oracle. So what makes Henk so successful in the innovation space and what are the learnings he got from his daily practice, and perhaps more important what has he learned how other companies are managing their innovation.

We touch upon Culture, Talent and Locations. Is it wise to get your innovation environment away from the daily business, or should you include it; can you transform all your people into the new world, or does it already have to be part of their DNA.

The answer to this and many more questions is what you will find in this conversation. You can follow more of Henk’s thinking at @henkvermeulen.

ps. You will hear a few beeps in the background, that is because some Pepper robots were scrolling around the place 😉


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