The CTO Perspective – Episode 6: Print your Ligament

This week’s podcast is recorded from Austria. Supposed to be my ski holiday, but ended up in Hospital on the first day after rupturing my Ligament. Needed to undergo surgery to reconstruct the Ligament in my knee.

Which led me to the question why not print the ligament ? This would have had less implications for the rest of my body.

But perhaps not ready for printing Ligaments in Austria. It did give me enough time to deep dive in all the technology developments and create this podcast. In this podcast I will touch upon:

  • 3D printing
  • Social (and) listening
  • VR/AR and it’s future growth
  • Bots and Voice
  • and some other stuff that might be of interest to you.

Hope you will enjoy the show. If you have questions, suggestions; please let me know on twitter @fwammes or mail

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