From Infra to Legislation; how Technology is Disrupting Mobility

This week’s podcast is all about mobility. From self driving cars to platoon trucking. Future outlook or today’s reality. With current economic growth and pressure on climate, a topic which is all near to our heart.

I have the pleasure to host the podcast with Marije de Vreeze, program manager ITS at Connekt, an organisation that brings all parties involved in mobility together, to get the innovations to real implementations.

How to do that, experiment, mobilise the entire eco-system and by following the money. Curious, then enjoy the show and listen to the great insights from Marije. You can follow her on @ConnektMarije

You can also join Connekt in their latest challenge:

Hope you will enjoy the show. If you have questions, suggestions; please let me know on twitter @fwammes or mail

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