The CTO Perspective – Incubate or Participate… That’s the question !

This week’s podcast is all about collaboration with start-ups. What is the purpose, in which form can and should you participate. What are the benefits and what are the pitfalls.

To help me explore that question, I invited Vincent Fokke for this episode. Vincent is focussing on Innovation within the Financial industry. An industry that through it’s nature is ready for disruption and the so-called Fintech’s are a good example on how start-ups are making way in the industry.

How do financial institutions deal with this and what is the best way to collaborate. That is the topic of this discussion for this podcast, in which Vincent will provide you some different perspectives and examples.

Interesting thing in this discussion is that it not only applies to Finance, in every industry these discussion will take place and will be company specific.

You can connect with Vincent at

Hope you will enjoy the show. If you have questions, suggestions; please let me know on twitter @fwammes or mail

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