Episode 9: From Workflow to Philosophy; it has been an interesting week

This week’s podcast is a reflection on some of the Tech news this week. Although not a lot of big announcements, there were some interesting topics that on the short and mid term will impact our lives.

Topics of this week are:

  1. Apple acquiring Workflow; what will this mean for automation in the enterprise
  2. Robots being fried in Fukushima
  3. Google beating the Doctor with AI
  4. Heathrow scanning your face, but what could it mean for the future
  5. Wearables turned into Fashion with Hugo Bosch and Tommy Hilfiger
  6. SAP stimulating entrepreneurship with SAP.IO
  7. Vint Cerf on thinking critical; humans taking ownership

As always, I will give my personal perspectives on this, which this time range from organisational, individual and societal advice. A bit too ambitious perhaps, but you need to start somewhere.

Hope you will enjoy the show. If you have questions, suggestions; please let me know on twitter @fwammes or mail fwammes@me.com.

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