Episode 10: CyberSecurity

Yes… Back again. After enthusiastic reactions on the blog, but comments on the audio quality, I decided to invest in better equipment to deliver the quality you deserve !

And starting with a very hot and urgent topic: CyberSecurity. Matthijs Ros (@matthijsros) sheds his light on this topic. Interesting part is that the discussion was not so much about the technology, but more on how business can and should assess themselves. The different units in the business (from HR to Legal to Marketing) but also the role within the supply chain that determines your risk profile.

It gave me new insights on how to deal with this topic from a business perspective and trust you will have some new insights as well. If you want more information from Matthijs, don’t hesitate to reach out to him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

If you have suggestions or request for topics for next episodes, please don’t hesitate and reach our to me on fwammes@me.com or @fwammes.

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