The CTO Perspective – Episode 6: Print your Ligament

This week’s podcast is recorded from Austria. Supposed to be my ski holiday, but ended up in Hospital on the first day after rupturing my Ligament. Needed to undergo surgery to reconstruct the Ligament in my knee.

Which led me to the question why not print the ligament ? This would have had less implications for the rest of my body.

But perhaps not ready for printing Ligaments in Austria. It did give me enough time to deep dive in all the technology developments and create this podcast. In this podcast I will touch upon:

  • 3D printing
  • Social (and) listening
  • VR/AR and it’s future growth
  • Bots and Voice
  • and some other stuff that might be of interest to you.

Hope you will enjoy the show. If you have questions, suggestions; please let me know on twitter @fwammes or mail

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The CTO Perspective – Robotic Process Automation

Robotics is a broad subject which has caught lot’s of attention in the industry. From continuous increasing of possibilities in industrial robotics, interactions with social robots, direct communication with chatbots and of course automation of processes.

The last one is for some perhaps less directly related to Robotics, but to my perspective one of the most promising technologies for the industry. With direct implications on cost-cutting, improving quality and reducing failures, but perhaps more important increasing customer experiences.

I had the privilege of interview Tom Einar Nyberg, one of the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) experts in the Nordics. He shares some great insights in what RPA is all about, what the different levels of RPA are and how you can start leveraging RPA in your organisation. Furthermore we had a great discussion on how this should be embedded from a competence perspective into the organisation.

One of the great insights he provides is the RPA is actually something that organisations also can use to start experimenting with more “lean” and “Agile” implementation methods. Therefore a way to drive more innovation into the organisation.

Check Tom’s profile at

I hope you will enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

The CTO Perspective – Innovation Labs

Today’s episode is all about innovation. Recorded in the Innovation Lab in Utrecht, I had the privilege of interviewing Henk Vermeulen. Henk is a legend in the Netherlands, known for his energy, drive and relentless push on innovation.

But it was not always innovation, he used to work in the more traditional field of Oracle. So what makes Henk so successful in the innovation space and what are the learnings he got from his daily practice, and perhaps more important what has he learned how other companies are managing their innovation.

We touch upon Culture, Talent and Locations. Is it wise to get your innovation environment away from the daily business, or should you include it; can you transform all your people into the new world, or does it already have to be part of their DNA.

The answer to this and many more questions is what you will find in this conversation. You can follow more of Henk’s thinking at @henkvermeulen.

ps. You will hear a few beeps in the background, that is because some Pepper robots were scrolling around the place 😉


The CTO Perspective – Episode 3 The NRF

Today’s episode is about Retail. Recorded from New York where the National Retail Federation conference takes place. This episode is my take on the innovations and technologies that have been showcased.

A lot of traditional players but with new technologies to help clients create new customer experiences, new players with applications build on new technologies and some really cool stuff.

All these elements will be addressed and at the end of the podcast, Kees Jacobs (@K_Jacobs) will give his very well articulated summary of the conference.

Even if you are not in the retail business, do listen since there are definitely learnings for all other industries as well

The CTO Perspective – Episode 2 Enterprise Architecture

In this Podcast I have a great conversation with Stephen Brown, CTO at Capgemini Sweden. Stephen is a re-joiner of Capgemini, after spending time at the client’s side. One of the main reasons to come back to Capgemini again, is the growing need Stephen sees in the field of Enterprise Architecture.

In this podcast you will hear Stephen’s view on why Enterprise Architecture is gaining momentum (again) in the market place and why in particular it is required in order to become an innovative competitive player in the market.

My favourite quote from this episode is “Your ICT landscape is the reflection of the business funding”. In other words, don’t blame the IT department, but have a look in how you can set your priorities towards a great future !

The CTO perspective; 2017 episode 1

A long time wish comes into reality. The start of a Podcast serie on the trends and impact of technology. Hope you like it, if you have suggestions of comments, please let me know.

Today’s episode is a short warm up for 2017. A perspective on the trends we saw emerge in 2016 and will potentially really impact 2017. Some trends discussed: Blockchain, AI, Botsm Converged Reality and more important the power of mashing it all up !