Innoversion; about me !

Hi, my name is Frank Wammes, working 20 years for Capgemini. An inspiring environment where you get exposed to  a large diversity of companies and highly trained and skilled professionals.

In the past 20 years I have worked for many Fortune 500 companies in a lot of different industries. Last years I have been managing different P&L’s within the organisation (SAP, BIM) and was responsible for leading the New Business Models & IP unit. Since last year I act as the CTO for Application Services, Continental Europe. My passion is combining business development and technology innovation.

This got me interested in the topic of Innoversion. A term I use to describe the intersection between Innovation and Conversion. This site is dedicated to the principle of Innoversion. Lot’s of companies and individuals want to be innovative in order to increase profit, personal life or make meaning. Many great idea’s are created, but few are successful in converting the idea into real, successful, practice.

Frank Wammes

Too many people and companies are focussed around innovation, but are not thinking
about how to implement this and create impact in the market place. Innovation is not something you do as a hobby, Innovation is something you do to improve the lives of your customer, the employees of your customer and the costumers of your customer.

Innoversion is not a trick, a myth or a magic spell, Innoversion is all about believe in putting your passion into practice.