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This is a page about inspiration, about quotes that can be found in regular places, but makes you think about you life, about your job, about the actions you take to make a difference. I will add each week one new Quote with a story about the quote, either from myself or from the one that contributed the Quote. So if you have picture of a Quote that inspired you, please do not hesitate to send it to me, I will publish it with your permission.

Qoute Nr. 8

The Earth without Art is just Eh!

Just saw this quote on a Facebook post from one of my all time heroes; Nuno Bettencourt. Nuno is the guitarist of Extreme, one of the most gifted musicians I know. He posted a picture of I think a subway wall where someone wrote this quote.

And think the person could not have been more right. The Earth is Art and we should make an Art of treating the Earth in the proper way. Lately read the book, walking like a Budha, which gave a very practical view on how to live life from a bhudistics perspective. Major focus was on meditation, with the goal to become more aware of being, of acting in the present time.

With the rain pouting outside our windows, I can now only look outside and see the beauty of the nature in the garden, lighting up under the fresh energy provided by the rain. Realising this is a true piece of Art, Earth is Art and not just Eh

Quote Nr. 7

If you can dream it, you can do it. – Walt Disney

Recently have been inspired by a great book which in Dutch is called “omdenken”. Reverse your thoughts in order to look things from another perspective. Don’t know whether it is because of the economic turbulence that keeps lurking on us, but looks like a lot of people are still struggling and thinking about current state and obstacles. For me the way out is to start dreaming again and acting on it. If it is true and dreams do have a meaning (even if it is about processing of daily life), act on it, explore it and see what happens. Walt was a wise man who has accomplished a lot, so if you can dream it, you can do it !!!

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/dream.html#CPM1SOxbxuEqtXru.99

Quote Nr. 6

Again not a qoute but a great intersection of unexpected surprises. Really had to laugh really loud when I saw this movie. demonstrates that we are full of prejudice and mental frames. Have a look at this lovely girl and her brother and be amazed. At the end of the movie you will understand 😉

Quote Nr. 5

This quote is not so much a quote but a movie I saw on Facebook. Brilliant piece of text of a 9 year old discussing our place in the universe. What strikes me most is not so much his thinking of the universe (which is really good for a 9 year old), but if you think about your own life, your job, your company, you will get some very beautiful insights. Hope you will enjoy

Quote Nr. 4

The only currency I can offer is my creativity

A qoute from one of my favorite collegues Claudia Brack. Sometimes money is not the key thing that drives new innovation or initiatives. In difficult economic times it is creativity that makes the workplace fun again, that brings new business models in place, that ignite new economic growth. For companies, countries but also individuals.

So offer your creativity, meditate everyday to stimulate your creative mind and let’s be the spark of change !

Quote Nr. 3

Written on a rather sad day in history. Today Steve Jobs died. Made me really sad and wondered why (besides my adoration for his presentation skills and Apple products) it brought me to tears, every time the news mentioned the dead of this Icon. In the middle of the day it struck me. It was his desire to change things, to create things. That he become stronger out of setbacks, rather then dwell in self pity. This was what brought him to great heights. His own child (Apple) taken away from him but getting revenge with Pixar and eventually the sell of neXt to Apple.

He already gave us some great marketing slogans, by which the famous one at his Stanford speech, Stay Hungry, stay Foolish, will always be my favorite.

My tears were partially for Steve, but also for my own recognition that in order to stay Hungy and Foolish, you need to stick to your focus and have temporary setbacks not get in your way.

I already had this picture planned for this blog, but could not be better placed then today. It is my little niece Isa wearing this great shirt “Better Fail in Originality then succeed in Imitation”…..

Quote Nr. 2

This is a sign, rather then a quote, that also came from England near the town of Helmsley. During a walk from the old castle to a very ancient Abbey, we crossed different fields where we walked through the grounds from the farms in the area. The farms welcomed us as long as we didn’t harm the animals and really took care (see the sign). My wife Hanneke thought this is a very good comparison how we need to look at business today. Open your organization, just make sure you instruct your visitors to take care. You will meet new people, cause inspiration and energy to others, and you will see that they will help you. Every energy you put in the universe, will be returned sevenfold. Don’t think you need to close the gates of your organization in order to keep it safe. Then it will stop energy rather then let it flow.

Quote Nr. 1

This is a quote I found in a bar in Pickering, a small town in North Yorkshire. It was in a pub, where the sign was behind the bar counter. It touched my heart, I do believe that we sometimes just watch or wonder about things happened, rather then take ownership of our own being. Inspired by the quote I had to take a picture, but the barman pointed me to the quote above. He thought that was the one that really made sense. I leave it up to you to decide !

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